Bio Cranial Technique

BioCranial correction assists the body to function closer to its highest or optimum level.  In doing this, many symptoms and conditions are no longer encountered:  headaches/migraines, depression/anxiety, poor balance/coordination, to name a few.

Bio Cranial System was developed by Dr. Robert Boyd in 1988. It is based on the research conducted at the International Bio Cranial Academy (IBCA) in the United Kingdom.  The system is increasingly becoming the practice protocol of choice by conventional and alternative practitioners alike. 

The BioCranial system is about optimizing function and, therefore, health.  Reasearch reveals  that alignment of the spine follows the alignment of the cranial bones.  A flaw in one causes a flaw in the other.   

Eighty percent of the nervous system is inside the skull.  There is a tough membrane, called the "dura mater" which is attached to the inside of the skull and the top two vertebra of the neck.  The dura mater covers the brain and spinal cord then extends down the spine to the sacrum (tailbone).  Tension on the dura can cause tension and stress in the nervous system, arteries, organs and muscles; subsequently, health problems throughout the body.  Addressing the distortion of the dura, by correcting the cranial faults releases the tension and stress, allowing the body to function more naturally and become healthier.  Health is the only solution to a health problem. 

Because addressing your symptoms gives only temporary relief, it is important to correct the underlying cause of your symptoms.  Only an accredited BioCranial doctor, who has completed the rigorous training program can do that .  Dr. Louis Hagene is trained to position the body in such a way as to allow the body to release the tension itself.  It's a non force technique that can be applied to infants as well as adults. 

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