Corrective Care

What is Corrective Care?

At this point your pain has been significantly reduced. This is when the most important treatment begins. As the goal of Corrective care is to fix the underlying problem. This is when soft tissue reconstruction occurs and stabilization occurs.

Corrective Care is designed to help restore proper positioning and range of motion. At this point you are out of pain and continuing to help your body increase its strength and ability to ward off any regression. It is important to continue your care during this time to prevent relapse to your earlier condition.


What is Involved?

Even after your original symptoms have improved you may still have muscle and other soft tissue damage that needs care. Corrective care stabilizes your spine and helps promote healing, allowing soft tissue healing and further correction and alignment of spinal, pelvic, and cranial structure.

This type of care keeps you feeling better much longer and helps prevent relapse. Visits are less frequent now, typically only once per week and transitioning into once every other week. Visits may also be supplemented with exercises to help strengthen your body.


Anything Else You Should Know?

The goal of corrective care is to fix the problem that started your symptoms and to give your body time to heal more completely so that you do not run a high risk of a repeat injury or relapse to the former pain.


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