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Digestion is largely taken for granted by just about everybody.  You may assume what you put into your mouth is going to be digested, but that is not always the case.  Enzymes are a necessary part of digestion. They are very specific to what they will break down or digest.  Enzymes are a natural part of vegetables, fruits, grains, and other raw food.  There are three types of enzymes found naturally in plants.  The enzymes in our food are meant to help digest that food.  When we chew our food, we break down the cellular walls of the raw foods we eat and this releases those naturally occurring enzymes to begin assisting in the digestion of that food.  The enzymes produced in our mouths upon chewing also begin to work on our foods.  Ideally digestion should begin in the mouth and be completed in the stomach.  But what happens when you eat a diet made primarily of cooked or processed foods?  Whether food is canned, pasteurized, gentically engineered, cooked, or packaged, enzymes must be systematically removed from our food supply inorder to extend shelf life and allow for food to be shipped form country to country or coast to coast.  


When you eat 'dead' foods your body is the only supplier of any enzymes to break this food down.  Your body was not designed to produce all of the necessary enzymes, at least half of the enzymes are meant to come from the foods.  This is why we offer specially formulated enzyme supplements which use naturally occurring plant enzymes to help supplement the food enzymes that are missing in our cooked and enzyme deficient diets.  Without this we are taxing our pancreas to overproduce pancreatic enzymes to complete the digestion process, leading to pancreatic fatigue and a whole score of other issues.  Over time this type of stress on your organs will cascade into further health issues which further contribute to poor digestion, and ultimately disease.


There is no way to stress the importance of proper digestion.  Without proper digestion your body is unable to absorb the vitamin, mineral, proteins, and nutrients needed for good health.  Our enzyme program offers the missing piece to the healthy body puzzle.  Call us today at 573-885-3353,  schedule a consultation and see for yourself.  

Dr. Hagene has completed the Chiropractic Internal Health Specialist Degree through post-graduate study at Logan College of Chiropractic. This is training in the use of enzyme replacement therapy for the treatment of internal stress and prevention of disease. It is goal of our office to help our patients, their families and friends to solve their overall health problems.

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