Relief Care

What is Relief Care?

When you are in so much pain, or such sudden pain, that all you can think about is feeling better, this is the time for Relief Care.


What is Involved?

This is the period of time when your symptoms are obvious pain, joint instability, and nervous system dysfunction, and continues as you report feeling some relief and reduction of inflammation to the time that you are feeling better and seeing an increase in your range of motion.

The goal of Relief Care is to control your symptoms and reduce pain. Office visits are typically a couple of times per week in the beginning and may include several procedures. We will work with you in establishing a treatment plan that suits your condition. Lifestyle, age, and severity of your condition will be factors in determining how long your acute care will last. Our aim will be to see you feeling much better in as short a period as possible so that we can then begin to focus on Corrective Care for you.


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