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I had sinus congestion so bad, I could not drive because sometimes I would lose my air completely - I was afraid to drive.  I took between 4 - 6 pills a day, and used nasal spray at least three times a day.  

Now I sometimes have a little congestion, but it is normal, and clears quickly. I drive, I garden, and I have my life back. . . and most importantly, I Can Breathe.

    R. P.  Steelville, Missouri


I started seeing Dr Hagene for shoulder and back pain.  My condition was greatly interfering with my normal life, because I am a new mother, and it hurt me to hold and play with my son.  The first changes I noticed after being treated by Dr. Hagene were better posture, pain relief,  I slept better had better digestion and even sinus improvement.  

After a couple of visits I felt great. I had increased flexibility, more energy and could enjoy daily activities again.  I  was more relaxed and have better focus both as a mother and at work!  

  TLR  Hermann, Missouri


I started seeing Dr. Hagene for Low Back Pain, Headaches, and  M.S.  I had already been treated by my Family Doctor, Foot Dr, Pain Specilist, and a Nuerologist, all of whom provided very little help, and nothing lasting long term.  My condition was so bad  I was ready to take disability, I was ready to give up I had tried everything.

I came in to see Doc Hagene as a last ditch effort.  When I got home I realized I could do most of the things I wanted to without pain.  My wife said, "He was a gift from God" and so did I.

     S C.H.   Cuba Missouri



I started see Dr Hagene for Dizziness and Head Tremors, I had already been treated by numerous specialist, all of which had no help at all.  This went on for well over a year, I could not work, could not walk, and could not drive.  Then one of my wife's friends told us about Dr. Hagene.

I felt relief with the very first visit.  I had better posture, fewer headaches, a more stable spine, and improved physical abilites.  My Head Tremors are now gone, and I am able to walk better.  

J.D  Salem, Missouri     


After hearing about Dr Hagene, I had to find out if he could help me.  I was having Right hip, tailbone, leg and foot pain and was unable to mmove freely without pain after I fell off my porch 2 years ago breaking my foot.  i have improved so much since coming to see Dr. Hagene i now can walk with no pain and I have so much more mobility I recommend Dr Hagene to everyone!

EM Salem, Missouri



I had an accident and walked into a post afterwhich I could not see well enough to do my quilting.  12 days later when I was not getting any better, I had one appointment Dr. Hagene.  After that appointment I was once again able to see and began my quilting again 

CM  Cuba, Mo


I am a house wife who has suffered with back pain for many years now, which had become so bad that I had trouble doing my daiy stuff. I have been comning to see Dr. Hagene for a littl over a month now, and last week was the first time in a long time I didn't have back pain. . . . that is a great feeling. 

BM   Boss, Mo.



I started seeing Dr Hagene becuase I could not turn my neck side to side.  My kids would make fun of me because I could not see what was behind me without turning my whole body.  Someone always had to back up the car for me, because I just could not move to do it.  After seeing Dr. Hagene for 2 weeks I was able to sleep in my bed again and  I can now turn my neck to back up a car for the first time in TEN YEARS!. 

JK retired Female, Salem, Mo

As a Barber, I am on my feet all day.  I began seeing Dr Hagene about a Year ago for for constant nagging knee pain.  During my visits it was suggested that I could really benifit from Custom Foot Orthotics that they mold to fit your feet right in the office.  When I recieved them I noticd an immediate change in muy structure from the orthotics and also enjoyed immediate pain relief.

JAB  Cuba, Mo



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