Wellness Care

What is Wellness Care?

Wellness care starts after Acute Care and Corrective Care are complete. At this point you are back to full activity with no pain. This is when the goal becomes reality, you are at your peak performance and avoiding pain and relapse.

Wellness care comes into place after your pain is gone and your body is healing well and regaining strength. Just as you would take your car in for regular ‘tune ups,’ wellness visits are ‘tune ups’ for your body. It is during these visits that the doctor can help detect weaknesses before they become serious problems.

This is the secret of keeping our abilities and aging gracefully. Joints that are misaligned wear out earlier in life (osteoarthritis) so to keep healthy it is important to stay adjusted and live an active lifestyle.

What is Involved?

At this point you are taking your health into your own hands. This type of care is only for the person who is serious about keeping up with their health, someone who wants to feel good all the time, stay fit, prevent arthritis, and maintain their physical abilities throughout their life. We offer structural care as well as nutritional and enzyme support for your overall well being.


Anything Else You Should Know?

As always, we work with you to determine a treatment plan that best suits your needs.  Visits range anywhere from once per month to once every six months, based on your age and individual goals. There is no substitute for wholeness and well being and our goal is to help you meet your goals so you, too, can begin to feel good all the time.

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