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Overview of First Visit

Your first visit is usually a 1 hour appointment during which, the doctor  will examine you to help find what the source of your problem or symptoms may be. If you have any recent X-Ray, CT, or MRI reports, it may be helpful to bring these with you.

We have an X-Ray machine on site if taking X-Rays is necessary, and our studies are very affordable. Dr. Hagene is able to read his own X-Rays but an outside Radiologist is available if he requests a second opinion.

After your exam, the doctor will talk with you about how to best treat your condition.  Dr. Hagene will work together with you to determine an individualized treatment plan for relief of your symptoms. Typically you will be treated on your first visit, however, in some cases treatment will not start until the second visit.


Dr. Hagene will tailor your individual treatment and treatment plan based on your own needs and goals. It is important that you communicate to him what you wish to achieve with your health.


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